…And We’re Back!

After a long hiatus from writing anything on any blogs I have started with a fresh platform to write about my experiences as they come up. I have relocated to Honolulu, Hawaii, and am having a pretty incredible time of it. You can read more about what has been happening at blog.kopelevich.org if you are interested in any of the relocation details and timeline.

I will be using this platform to blog about my ongoing search for programming and server admin knowledge. I have been inspired to enter the world of Java Web Applications recently, so I will probably be working on projects involving JavaEE and TomEE+. Here is my first quick-and-dirty program using JSP, JSTL, JavaBeans, and Apache Tomcat:


This is an incredibly simple application that I wrote to learn how the Java EE technologies work together, as well as to install and play around with Apache Tomcat. I am planning to install TomEE+ momentarily and will cover the installation and initial configuration on Ubuntu Server 12.04.

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