Project Management



I have decided that I need to get to work on all of the projects that are floating around in my brain and on paper scattered all over the inside of my desk. In order to facilitate the timely and orderly partial-completion of these projects, I thought it would be terribly fun to hire some help. I found the hired help on the interwebz for the low cost of a few hours of my time, which is a price I’m always happy to pay.

First up, I have brought Redmine onto the team. She brings a lot to the table. Here are a few of the features available:

  • Integration with Gitorious.
  • Integration with Mylyn on Eclipse.
  • Multiple, separate projects.
  • A per-project Wiki.
  • A per-project Forum.
  • Repository browsing, including diffs.
  • Teams, roles, and custom User permissions.
  • Report generation.
  • Time tracking.
  • Workflows.
  • Milestones.
  • Invoicing.
  • … and on and on.

I also like that Redmine is a project written using Ruby on Rails, which is what I am planning to do my projects in. So bonus points there.

Second up, Gitorious has come on board to manage version control. He brings along some great features that, in my opinion, are much easier to use than the Gitolite and Gitweb setup that I had been using previously. Here are a few of the skills that Gitorious brings to these projects:

  • Version Control.
  • SSH pubkey management.
  • User management.
  • Team creation and management.
  • Multiple separate projects.
  • Activities for projects and updates.
  • The ability to ‘watch’ and ‘favorite’ projects.

Gitorious is also written using Ruby on Rails, so more bonus points there. 

It is quite convenient to have both Gitorious and Redmine running on the same Phusion Passenger install on my Ubuntu Server. Unfortunately, the target version of Ruby that I plan to use for my project is 1.9.3, and the version of Ruby utilized by the current applications is Ruby EE, 1.8.7. I am not aware of a way to run two versions of Ruby with the same Passenger install, so I’ll most likely spin up another VM to host the Rails application when it comes time to deploy it.

Finally, I will be putting Aptana 3 and Mylyn to work on keeping my bugs and features in my view while working on these projects. I am using the Mylyn-Redmine-Connector found at and have not had any issues with it so far. I am using the EGit Eclipse plugin (since Aptana is based on Eclipse 3.7) and it works like a charm.

I will update this blog as the projects move along and publish a few tutorials for some of the install issues that I have run into, and undoubtedly will run into, along the way.